Rules are placed to be obeyed but then it is difficult to keep to rules you are not aware of. For more than 20 years EA SPORTS has produced the fabulous FIFA series which has bouts of excitement to several young people. This has also undeniably led to the rage of how to buy FUT coins 21

To enjoy the FIFA game you must play by set down the rules of EA SPORTS. The rules are set to make the game fair and interesting for all its players. Breaking the rules will attract consequences.

This article will be reviewing some of those rules.


To efficiently enjoy the game of FIFA, the rules to be kept,

1. Do not buy coins

It is possible earn coins. However, its way faster to buy coins. If you want to do that, you have to be smart about it. FIFA really frowns against buying coins.

There are several ways to earn FUT coins. They can also be traded in the transfer market but buying from a third-party will get you in trouble. It is against the rules. When FIFA coins are bought or sold by third-parties, it creates an imbalance in the Transfer market’s economy. This makes items in the market unaffordable especially for users who earned their coins legitimately.

2. The use of auto-buyers are not allowed

FIFA coins are earned easily and illegitimately with auto-buyers. Thus, this makes it against its rules. Transactions are done outside the web app, companion apps or in-game is against the rules. This is because it damages the experience of other layers as you will get an unfair advantage over other players.

3. FIFA coins are not to be farmed

With coin farming, one can earn coins illegitimately and faster. This is done by tricking the game that you are playing matches when you are not. It can also be done by using bots located in the auction house. Farming coins against the rules and doing so is breaking the rules.

4. Cheating in-game is not allowed

Cheating in a FIFA game is an absolute no-no. It is not limited to the following but it includes,

  • Using, buying, selling, or performing match collisions
  • Win manipulation services or match-making manipulation
  • Performing in-game exploits
  • Using external tools
  • Abusing bugs or glitches.

5. When connecting to EA servers, make sure you use EA web or its companion apps only

Accessing FIFA or FIFA Ultimate team with any browser other than an official version of EA SPORTS FIFA breaks the rules. Also, the official FUT Web and FUT companion or an unmodified platform must be used so as not to break the rules.

Note, an unmodified platform is a PC or console that has not been adjusted or its functions altered.

6. Do not hack into other players’ account

As glaring as this may be, it is still worthy of note. Hacking into another players’ account is breaking the rules.

7. Do not make false claims

Do not make a false claim to EA representatives or help advisors. It is against the rules.

If you play by the rules, be sure to have a fun-filled experience on the game of FIFA.

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